This exhibition features YOU and the work you do to connect ceramics, community and food. Developed and curated by Michael Strand and Namita Wiggers, Across the Table, Across the Land is a member’s exhibition for NCECA’s 50th Anniversary Conference in 2016. The final exhibition will take place at Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City.

People dedicated to ceramics, like you, are central to community. NCECA wants to celebrate how you make that happen. We want to know what YOU bring to your “tables”!

How to enter:

  • Click here to access the Across the Table, Across the Land Web-based App. This will link you to an introductory video, booklet with background information to download in PDF format, and more!
  • Fill out the entry form on the Web-based App to share what you are doing that connects ceramics, community and food. You can share something at the idea stage — in process – or a project completed in the past year.

It’s that simple! The Web-based App is a tool for us to gather your stories, photos, etc. and use that information to create the exhibition for the 50th Anniversary.

IMG_3426We are available to brainstorm and want to talk with you at any stage in your project.

Wondering if your idea or project fits? The possibilities are limitless. In addition to the projects we describe in pages 12 -19 of the Across the Table booklet (available from the Web-based App), here are some of the other ways NCECA members are getting involved:

I want to include Across the Table in my curriculum! I am already doing this with my students!

This is what my MFA thesis is about!

We do an Empty Bowls project with (insert community organization here)  . . .

I am hosting a special dinner for (insert organization here) with my students. . . .

We want to hear from you, connect you to folks in your community, and to help your work be included in this celebratory exhibition.

Drop us a line at

Click here to get started or go to