Michael Strand with Amy Smith Bowl

Michael Strand with Amy Smith Bowl

Just in time for Halloween comes a merger of two crowd sourcing projects – Across the Table, Across the Land and Pots in Action.

This week, Ayumi Horie invited Michael Strand and Namita Wiggers, curators of Across the Table, Across the Land to guest host her Pots in Action instragram project.



What better time to start a new tradition involving ceramics and candy, confectionary, pastries, and candied fruit? If you don’t celebrate Halloween, don’t worry, show us your local sweets from around the world!


What is Pots in Action?
Pots in Action  is one of many projects included in the Across the Table, Across the Land archive, is an evolution of Ayumi Horie’s origins Pots in Action that she began in 2005. She explains on her website that “Pots in Action is a crowd sourcing project that collects and features the best photographs of handmade pottery in use by potters and ceramic appreciators all over the world. Some are candid, others are posed; what they have in common is taking the pot off the shelf and putting it to work in the kitchen, out of the kitchen, wherever pots can be found.”

What is Across the Table, Across the Land?
Across the Table, Across the Land, a project of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA), is designed to to be a snapshot of what is happening today at the intersection of food, clay and community.

Visit our APP for more detailed information about this project.
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As part of the Across the Table, Across the Land project we have a special opportunity for k-12 educators and students to share.
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How to participate:
For this week (through November 1), tag your Instagram images with:

#potsinaction #PIAsweets #PIAguesthostsnamitaandmichael #PIAchallenge #candy #nceca2015 #acrossthetable

Not on Instagram? Well get on it!  Find more info about Pots in Action online and on Facebook!


@acrossthetable2015 submission by Shelley Martin of Vitrified Studios.

Work by Shelley Martin of Vitrified Studios.

Selected pots may be exhibited in Kansas City along with the instagram photo in the exhibition Across the Table,

Across the Land, in celebration of NCECA’s 50th Anniversary. How sweet would it be to represent Pots in Action in the exhibition at Charlotte Street Foundation?

Michael kicks off the challenge with the top image. “Is there a better use for an Amy Smith monumental bow than to deliver a heapin’ helpin’ of evil-candy goodness? Amy, the life loving, health and fitness focused potter may not have been intending her beautiful bowls to contain such a treasure, but they are perfect for grabbin’ a handful of sweets on Halloween!”

So for the next week, put a little sugar on your ceramics, top them off with Savoy Truffles, Candy, and sweet treats. We want candy and clay!

Submit via the app or submit via instagram by using the #’s above and tagging @acrossthetable2015 and @nceca