Over the past several weeks we have been working through all of the images, text and stories submitted by NCECA members for the Across the Table, Across the Land exhibition.   While there are several “large” projects included in the exhibition, there are many projects that may typically go unseen or unheard of simply because they were made to connect with individuals and not for a broader audience. The wonderful thing about this exhibition is that it brings to the forefront some of these quieter stories.

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From Fling Hill High School in Oakton, VA,  Jess Rappaport and Olivia Ferrer demonstrate their love and appreciation of their High School teacher, Julia Cardone, as they worked together to create a base for her wedding cake.

FerrerRappaport_CakePlate_Julia Cardone#2

“We feel that our piece explores the way in which ceramics is a tool for connecting the lives of so many. It is an example of how the daily use of ceramic ware allows many artists to be present in the lives of friends, family, and strangers throughout the world, just as we were able to be present at her event through our work.”

FerrerRappaport_Cake Plate_Julia Cardone#1


From Rancho High School in Las Vegas, NV, Yesenia Godoy created “One Cup for All”, designed to bring people together through a shared cup – in this case for her mother and father. 

Godoy_Cup For One Cup for All_Godoy_#2

” I thought, what can physically bring people together? So I created this multi-handled chalice so that it can be easily shared between people, as it is seen here being shared by my mother and father.”


From Pine Crest High school 9th grade student Ishani Singh, who dutifully created this sweet platter for holding oranges to share with her teammates in diving.  We are in love with this photograph! 

Singh_Orange_Ishani Singh_#6-2


We look forward to celebrating our connections to community with NCECA members at La Esquina, in Charlotte Street Foundation!

To celebrate its 50th Anniversary Across the Table, Across the Land, examines how clay connects communities through food. Considering the table as a literal and metaphorical space, this project includes objects, photographs, videos, and associated events during the conference, all drawn from an online archive populated with stories and images of work by NCECA members and K-12 Challenge participants in the US and abroad. Visit ncecaacrossthetable.com and follow acrossthetable2015 on Instagram to view all submissions and to connect with associated exhibition programs taking place during NCECA.


Location: Charlotte Street Foundation, La Esquina Thursday Night Shuttle

1000 W. 25th St, Kansas City, MO 816-994-7730, charlottestreet.org

Online: ncecaacrossthetable.com and acrossthetable2015 on instagram

Thanks to the Windgate Charitable Foundation for supporting Across the Table, Across the Land.