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George Rodiguez: 2019 Emerging Artist

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"I value the communities that I have formed and am continuing to expand on. My artwork aims to bring people closer and act as markers for people to congregate around. Larger pieces are a community experience because they quickly [...]

Winona LaDuke – 2019 NCECA Conference Keynote Speaker

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Winona LaDuke is an internationally renowned activist working on issues of sustainable development renewable energy and food systems. She lives and works on the White Earth reservation in northern Minnesota, and is a two time vice presidential candidate with [...]

Ashlyn Pope – Student Director at Large

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Hi everyone, my name is Ashlyn Pope and I currently serve on the NCECA Board of Directors as one of the two Student Directors at Large. As the senior of the two student directors, I wanted to take this opportunity [...]

2020 Regina Brown Undergraduate Student Fellowship

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Deadline October 9, 2019   NCECA is pleased to announce the 21st Annual Regina Brown Undergraduate Student Fellowships!  The purpose of this fellowship is to foster and catalyze undergraduates’ capacities to expand awareness and deepen knowledge in the ceramic arts [...]

2020 NECEA Graduate Student Fellowships

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Deadline October 9, 2019  NCECA is pleased to announce the 16th annual NCECA Graduate Student Fellowships.  The purpose of this fellowship is to foster and catalyze graduate students’ capacities to expand awareness and deepen knowledge in the ceramic arts through [...]

2019 NCECA Closing Lecture

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"From where I sit. Reporting in from southern California, 30 years and counting" –  Closing lecture by Tony Marsh “Beliefs, observations, thoughts and prayers from over 30 years as an educator and more as a maker. Drawing from experiences [...]

Qwist Joseph – 2019 Emerging Artist

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"Being recognized as a 2019 Emerging Artist was one of the most important bench marks of my career. This award has afforded me exposure that will benefit me for years to come, and it has also inspired me to [...]

The Chipstone Session at NCECA 2019 Conference

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The #MeToo movement has had a profound effect in every corner of American life, including in the arts. One has only to read the various arts journals and professional publications; go online to arts websites; read one’s emails; or [...]

Serve on the NCECA Board of Directors!

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One of the best things about NCECA is that it is a member-driven organization. The board members, speakers, presenters, and panelists are almost always one of us. In any large group, there’s always a tendency to assume that “they” will [...]

Tenderloin Dirt Harvest: Please be seated on the ground

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Ilana Crispi (a past conference presenter for the Green Task Force) is once again showing her latest work in San Francisco, California.  This is a fantastic project that is worth looking into even if you are not in the area. [...]

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