Art is the fuel that powers the fires of inspiration. Great works of art can foster curiosity, innovation and creative problem solving, leading those who encounter that art down paths to discovery. This experience of connection, of drawing on something both immediate and yet intangible, is unlike any other.

At Capital One, we believe that art plays a vital role in creating inspiration in our workplaces, while also strengthening our bonds with our communities and building a unique culture within our company. That’s why, in partnership with NCECA, we are delighted to welcome NCECA’s 54th annual conference to our West Creek campus, located just west of downtown Richmond.

Our exhibitions as part of the NCECA conference bring together a host of groups and individual artists creating evocative and powerful works that stretch the boundaries of the artform. We invite you to join us and see these exhibitions in person — more information about the artists, tours and events on our campus can be found below.

Capital One has a long history of presenting innovative, vibrant, and memorable art experiences in its workplaces. The company’s permanent collection of over 7,800 pieces features original and limited edition works by emerging artists from the cities where we live and work. We host rotating exhibitions that showcase works by a diverse set of makers, painters, sculptors and others, providing an inclusive platform for artists to share their voice.

Through NCECA, we are proud to host an exhibition that captures the diversity and dynamism of the ceramic medium and celebrates the artists who create these works.

Exhibitions include:
• Standing in the Clouds: Andréa Keys Connell
• 2020 Archie Bray Foundation Resident Artists
• Manifest: Jeremy Jernegan
• Extension: Kendra Dawn Wadsworth
• Pamunkey Black Ware Pottery
• Pottery Northwest Resident Artist Exhibition 2019-2020
• Iterations: Rebekah Wostrel
• Women Who Wood Fire: Elena Capousis, Joanna Gragnani, Beatriz Gutierrez Gonzalez, and Zoë Powell
• Workhouse Ceramics Resident Artists

For more information on how to tour the exhibitions, visit this link

Event/Tour Details:

Address: Capital One West Creek Campus, 15075 Capital One Drive, Richmond, VA 23238

NCECA Collector’s Tour: Fri, March 27, 4-5 pm. Pre-registration required.
Capital One NCECA Exhibition Public Tours: Saturday, March 28, 12-3 pm. Pre-registration required.

Standing in the Clouds

Andréa Keys Connell

Through ceramic sculptures, Andréa Keys Connell aims to direct visitor’s eyes to a range of hidden stories that reflect what cannot be expressed with words.

Image: Andréa Keys Connell

2020 Archie Bray Foundation Resident Artists

Curators: Steven Young Lee, Maura Wright

Nine resident artists from the Archie Bray Foundation for the Ceramic Arts in Helena, Montana exhibit their sculptural work in ceramics. Steven Young Lee, Jessica Brandl, Stuart Gair, Iva Haas, Kelly Stevenson, Jason Bige Burnett, Katriona Drijber, Chase Travaille, and Nicholas Weddell.

Image: Stuart Gair


Jeremy Jernegan

Jeremy Jernegan’s wall pieces explore our situation as inhabitants in a world with a rapidly changing climate.

Image: Jeremy Jernegan


Kendra Dawn Wadsworth

Kendra Dawn Wadsworth works intuitively using a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials and tools in her sculptural and two-dimensional artwork.

Image: Kendra Dawn Wadsworth

Pamunkey Black Ware Pottery

Curator: Amanda Dalla Villa Adams

The Pamunkey tribe, located in central Virginia, are known for Pamunkey Black Ware Pottery, an ancient pottery technique fired outdoors in a wood-fire pit that uses local clay dug from deposits along the Pamunkey River. This exhibition consists of photographs and videos documenting the Pamunkey Black Ware Pottery history and process.

Image: Pamunkey Black Ware Pottery

Pottery Northwest Resident Artist Exhibition 2019-2020

Curator: Ling Chun

Seven resident artists from Pottery Northwest in Seattle, Washington exhibit their ceramics. Tzyy Yi-Amy Young, Liisa K. Nelson, Jake Brodsky, Hanako O’Leary, Anyuta Gusakova, Amanda Salov, Ling Chun, Granite Calimpong, and Soe Yu New.

Image: Hanako O’Leary


Rebekah Wostrel

Rebekah Wostrel’s earthenware pots are informed by the traditional Japanese aesthetics of wabi sabi, a type of beauty characterized by simplicity, intimacy, and refined imperfection. Video work will also be on exhibit by the artist.

Image: Rebekah Wostrel

Women Who Wood Fire

Curated by Joanna Gragnani

This exhibition highlights the empowering aspects of wood firing and the women Joanna Gragnani has befriended along her journey as a wood fire potter. Elena Capousis, Joanna Gragnani, Beatriz Gutierrez Gonzalez, and Zoë Powell.

Image: Zoë Powell

Workhouse Ceramic Resident Artists

Curated by Dale Marhanka

Six resident artists from the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia exhibit their ceramics. Kristen J. Morsches, Sarah Petty, Brian Grow, Christy A. Boltersdorf, Pam Eisenmann, and Joan Ulrich.

Image: Joan Ulrich