As a member’s organization, NCECA relies on the creative energy, vision and contribution of all of its members to create the fantastic conference content that we all look forward to each spring. As the next generation of makers, educators and visionaries, students are a vital part of that content.

The application deadline for Student Perspectives program proposals is May 4th, 2016, and students, we really hope you will consider applying.  Not quite sure exactly what Student Perspectives content is? Mary Cloonan, NCECA’s Programs Director, explains it in her Apply Yourself! post (Read the full article here):

“Student Perspectives is just that, lectures and panels given by students for (the most part) students. Any student enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate and post-baccalaureate students are encouraged to apply!  Too often, students don’t take this opportunity to present their ideas, projects and thoughts, which is a shame, since you have so much to share with fellow students and the membership at large. Don’t be shy, step up to the mic!”

Aside from allowing students to shape conference content, participating in Student Perspectives programming is an incredible professional opportunity and allows students to actively contribute to critical discussions in our field.

But don’t just take our word for it. We asked some of the Student Perspectives presenters from Makers, Mentors & Milestones to share some thoughts on their experiences as presenters: Elenor Heimbaugh, Linda Ganstrom, 2016 NCECA B

 “The whole process of making, applying, and presenting for student perspectives is a great way to foster meaningful connections with new people and contribute to the contemporary clay dialogue with your own research.”

-Eleanor Heimbaugh
Graduate Student, Fort Hays State University
Presented Beyond the White Cube for Student Perspectives, NCECA 2016

1458238028673“Presenting a student perspective panel at the 50th Anniversary of NCECA was a valuable learning experience for myself and the panel members, as well as a platform to share our work with a new audience. This opportunity to engage like-minded individuals within the ceramics community was a gratifying approach to start a dialogue on the importance of programs that nurture pottery making.”

-Adrienne Eliades
Graduate Student, Florida State University
Moderator for the panel Back to the Future: Making Pots in Graduate School

Students, your ideas matter and are what make NCECA great.

Please consider applying – we can’t wait to read your proposals!

Learn more about how to apply:

Mary’s blog entry covers all the various ways your ideas can turn into programing for NCECA 2017