Students wanted!

The Student Critique Room is live! We have a wonderful line up of mentors and artists from around the country who have graciously donated their time to help support and guild you through your artistic endeavors. Critiques commence on Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th starting at 9am.

NCECA happily facilitates this formal discussion for you to grow and learn, there is nothing in the world like the getting feedback from a thoughtful and educated artist. The nuances and details of the conversations you have with a mentor, as a student from any level, can be a thought provoking and life changing experience. Do Miss Your Opportunity!

Make sure to bring all of the images you want to show on a Flashdrive or external Harddrive, (that can work on both Mac and PC) there will be no WiFi in the convention center. Bring your note book to document all of the details of your conversation.

Make sure to sign up for the Student Critique Room online:

Drop-in Slots will be available on Wednesday starting at 2:30pm on a first come first serve bases at the conference room 310!


Any questions or concerns please contact:

Brandon Schnur SDAL