To best meet the needs of the many social media services that encourage interactive communication, NCECA will select a currently active member to act as a liaison for its various social media services. This role is crafted as a 13 month term, with a progress review conference taking place on a semi-annual basis. The term may be renewable based on mutual agreement between the Social Media Liaison, NCECA’s Communications Director and its executive director. The selected member will receive a one year extension on their current membership and a conference press pass for the conference held at both the beginning and end of the two-year term.

Call closes on February 6th, 2015. The chosen member will be informed by February 20th, their term will begin March 1, and they shall serve through the end of the following year’s conference.

The Social Media Liaison reports to NCECA’s Communications Director (NCECA board member) and Communications Manager (NCECA Staff). The Social Media Liaison will be a member of the communications committee, and should be present at all committee meetings (usually held monthly via Skype). Additionally, the Social Media Liaison will work with the NCECA Communications Director and NCECA Communications Manager to develop and refine strategies that advance NCECA’s capacity for meaningful communication and engagement through each social media platform.

The Social Media Liaison may work with the Communications Director identify up to three additional volunteers to aid in managing NCECA’s social media platforms. These volunteers must be active members of NCECA, and shall receive a complimentary 1-year membership following the successful completion of their term. These volunteers may be selected from the pool of candidates for the manager position, or may be sought out by the liaison him/herself. The Social Media Liaison will have access to the communications calendar and image sharing platforms and should monitor use of this information amongst the social media team. All members acting on behalf of NCECA and through official NCECA channels will be expected to maintain a high level of professionalism appropriate to NCECA’s voice and brand as a leader in issues central to and surrounding ceramic arts and education.

The platforms and desired outcomes for each are as follows:

Facebook Group

  • monitoring of all posts to the Facebook wall for content, removing obvious spamimmediately, and if necessary, removing repeat spammers from the group.
  • approval of new members for the group, verifying the legitimacy of all requests prior to approval.
  • sharing of items from the NCECA PAGE to the Group wall 1-2 days after its initial posting.
  • interaction with other member postings on the wall and utilization of Facebook group tools (such as ask a question) to stimulate discussion


  • write or propose articles for the NCECA blog
  • assist in further development of blog and its usage/mission


  • post appropriate ceramics images, develop strategy for posting/reposting
  • prolific posting of images during conference with appropriate hash tagging
  • sharing information posted on the NCECA Page or Blog in an instagram-friendly way


  • re-tweet appropriate ceramics related tweets
  • tweet content related to the upcoming conference, upcoming deadlines, and other newsworthy ceramics information from the NCECA Page and Blog (note that the blog and Facebook page do automatically push to twitter)
  • build the NCECA twitter audience by following other ceramics organizations and artists
  • tweet prolifically during the conference with appropriate hash tagging


  • re-pin appropriate images to the NCECA boards
  • new pins of work on that appears on the NCECA site or blog, thus linking back to NCECA
  • find and follow other ceramics organizations and ceramic artists
  • make suggestions for new boards to create on the NCECA Pinterest account
  • develop new ways to utilize pinterest.

tumblr & vine

  • monitor existing tumblr identity and develop stronger following
  • create vines during the conference and at any attended events that would be of interest to NCECA members
  • aid with development of the nceca tumblr & vine accounts – determine best ways to utilize

NOTE BEFORE APPLYING- Please review and verify your membership status before applying for this role. NCECA Membership fees are not included in any event registration. Membership is a stand-alone annual fee. To renew or become an NCECA Member click here.) If your membership has expired, please renew it before submitting your interest via email.

Deadline to email submission: Monday, February 6, 2015

E-mail your application to:

Subject line to read: NCECA Social Media Liaison
Body of email (or attachment) to include:

Street Address:
City/Zip Code/Country:
E-mail: Best phone:
Current occupation:

Statement of Interest: (Why is this opportunity important to you? How do you anticipate being able to use this platform to advance awareness of NCECA as a community dedicated to ceramic art and learning? (250 words maximum)

Previous social media experience: (200 words maximum)

User IDs for all social media platforms in which you are active