We know you’re out there….the tweeting/instagramming/vining/pinning/tumbling crowd.  Some of you still might even post to Facebook occasionally.   As part of our goal to increase and improve communication with our membership, NCECA is reaching out on a variety of social media platforms, and we’re looking for help to do it.  If you’ve been looking for a way to get more involved with NCECA, and you also love your social media, this is the ideal opportunity for you.  Read on, then go to http://nceca.net/static/resources_home.php to apply!

NCECA- Call for Social Media Moderators

To best meet the needs of the many social media services that encourage interactive member communication, NCECA will select up to three currently active members to act as moderators of its various social media services.  The selected members will receive a one year extension on their current membership and, in some cases, a conference press pass.  Social media moderators shall report to the Communications Director.

Call closes on February 3rd, 2014.  The chosen members will be informed by February 20th, their term will begin March 1, and they shall serve through the end of the following year’s conference.

Responsibilities/Expectations of moderators:  All of the selected moderators will be expected to participate in a minimum of one monthly conference with the NCECA Communications Director. The purpose of these conferences will be to report on their activities as moderators, and collaborate on further refinement of the moderator’s role and developing strategies that advance NCECA’s capacity for meaningful communication and engagement through each social media platform.  All moderators should also maintain a high level of professionalism appropriate to NCECA’s voice and brand as a leader in issues central to and surrounding ceramic arts and education.  Additionally, each platform has some specific expectations:


The Facebook Group moderator will 

  • consistently monitor all posts to the Facebook wall for content, removing obvious spam immediately, and if necessary, removing repeat spammers from the group.
  • approve new members for the group, verifying the legitimacy of all requests prior to approval.
  • cross post anything from the NCECA PAGE to the Group wall 1-2 days after its initial posting.
  • interact with other member postings on the wall and utilize Facebook group tools (such as ask a question) to stimulate discussion


The crafthaus moderator will

  • cross post anything from the NCECA PAGE to crafthaus
  • interact with other postings as is appropriate
  • share appropriate information from the crafthaus site back to NCECA social media


The Pinterest moderator will

  • twice a week re-pin several appropriate items to the NCECA boards
  • once a week create new pins of work on the NCECA site or blog, thus linking back to NCECA
  • once a week, find several other ceramics organizations and ceramic artists to follow from the NCECA Pinterest account
  • make suggestions for new boards to create on the NCECA Pinterest account


The tumblr moderator will

  • document the conference photographically and via the NCECA tumblr account.
  • short bits of text describing various CIEs and other shows, demonstrations, panel discussions, and accompanied by a variety of images


The Vine moderator will be active for the month of March only, and will

  • create vines the week before, during and after the conference
  • 20-25 vines would be expected


The Instagram moderator will

  • post a “ceramics image of the day” every day, including a “member image” once a week
  • prolific posting of images during conference


The Twitter moderator will

  • re-tweet 2-3 ceramics related tweets per day
  • tweet content related to the upcoming conference, upcoming deadlines, and other newsworthy ceramics information from the NCECA blog and E-News
  • follow other ceramics organizations and ceramic artists from the NCECA twitter account
  • tweet prolifically during the conference

NCECA Social Media Moderator Application