I found myself holding my breath, eyes wide open, and honestly a bit choked up…completely overwhelmed by the experience of standing amongst about 50 pieces of ceramic art from legends…heroes….icons.

IMG_1841Friday March 5th marked the opening of three blockbuster NCECA shows in one beautiful space.  The Leedy Voulkos Art Center is hosting NCECA’s National Student Juried Exhibition, Its Emerging Artists, and a very special, 50th Anniversary Exhibition, “Shapers of the Field,” a show curated by Peter Held and comprised of work from prominent figures in both our organization’s and our field’s history.

I am fortunate to know and even served on the board with a few of these masters – Marge Levy, Jay Lacouture, Anna Callouri Holcombe, and of course, Keith Williams.  Others I have known for years – Ken Ferguson, Elaine Henry, and Bill Hunt, add in the category of people I have met in recent years at NCECA conferences, and what remained was art from people I was never fortunate enough to meet…I stood inches from a Maria Martinez pot and I marveled at the real life beauty that I had previously only been able to see in two dimensions in the book by Susan Peterson (and oh yes, Susan Peterson…her work is in this show too).  To say this show is breathtaking implies that I was, in fact, able to breathe, which as i stated before, I don’t believe I did, the whole time I was in the room.

IMG_1840In addition to this stunning show of artwork, in the adjacent room, you can see photographs of many of the artists in the show.

Shapers of the Field: NCECA Honors and Fellows represent the vast accomplishments of many leaders in the field that have been bestowed special recognition by NCECA. The exhibition recognizes accomplished artists, educators, and those providing exemplary service to the field. Shapers of the Field reflects the evolution of the ceramic arts over several decades, and includes functional pottery, decorative vessels, and sculpture, incorporating a wide range of technique, concepts, scale, and visual imagery.

Fellows of the Council are individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts and served the Council in significant ways for at least five years. Honorary Members have made an outstanding contribution to the professional development of the ceramic arts field.

Join us in honoring this exceptional individuals at the NCECA reception for this show on Thursday Evening at the Leedy Voulkos Arts Center.

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IMG_1842Artists Include: Clayton Bailey, Mary Barringer, Glen Blakley, Joe Bova, Aurore Chabot, Michel Conroy, Val Cushing, Harris Deller, Lenny Dowhie, Mary Jane Edwards, Ken Ferguson, Susan Filley, Leopold Foulem, Don Frith, Susan Harris, Robert Harrison, Dick Hay, Elaine Henry, Wayne Higby, Anna Calluori Holcombe, Curt Hoard, Bill Hunt, Marlene Jack, Jeremy Jernegan, Karen Karnes, Jay Lacouture, Marge Levy, Warren Mackenzie, Don McCance, Richard Notkin, Susan Peterson, Don Reitz, Judith Schwartz, David Shaner, Richard Shaw, Victor Spinski, Jim Melchert, John Stephenson, Susanne Stephenson, Toshiko Takaezu, James Tanner, Robert Turner, Peter Voulkos, Patti Warashina, Bennett Welsh, Keith Williams, Paula Winokur, Robert Winokur.