This is my last blog post as NCECA Communications Director.  In just a few moments, my board service will come to a close.  But my service to NCECA certainly does not have to.  I have been thinking extensively about the future and what it holds.  During the days of this conference, I have been approached by quite a few people, wanting to get involved with the organization.  I feel like NCECA could really use an army of advocates.  In the coming weeks, I want to put together a proposal for NCECA’s new board to consider.  I want to form that army but putting together a spreadsheet (of course) of people interesting in volunteering their time, energy, ideas, and skills to help advance NCECA’s efforts on various projects throughout the year.  I hope that all of you who approached me will help me in forming this first “brigade”.   We have lots of good work to do, and it’s more fun with friends.  I will be leaving the official communications in the capable hands of Tony Wise, but I’m never going to stop talking about all the beautiful things that NCECA is and does.  Watch for some guest blog articles from me, social media posts, or communications in other unexpected places, and of course, let me know if you want to get in on the ground floor of this exciting new NCECA extension!

I have truly loved being your Communications Director, NCECA friends.  Thank you.

-Cindy Bracker

NCECA Member