Lee Burningham’s introduction of James Watkins’s session invited anyone who thought that they might be in the wrong room to

“Stay! …because this is better.”

While I don’t know what else was happening at this time during the conference, I’m inclined to agree with him.  Yes, I probably say this about ALL the conference presentations I edit, but I think this one REALLY is my favourite so far, possibly because I have such a personal affinity for fire.  (Jack Troy’s closing lecture was enlightening to me when he spoke about Mud Potters versus Fire Potters….”Fire potters will fire up an empty kiln just for the loves of the flame” (his words, paraphrased by me)…..it was a complete epiphany.)   This incredible presentation from the 2016 NCECA Conference K-12 room has applications far beyond the classroom.  I am looking forward to trying many of these techniques in the near future.