NCECA members have been begging for this for years.


                                             Why NCECA????


Lean in closely…I’ll tell you why.    shhhhhh  it’s a secret…


…we thought we had lost it.

Yes, that’s right.  Several years ago, video recordings of the conference (beyond the demonstrating artists) was a new process.  Somehow in the shuffle of taking the demonstrator footage and editing it into DVDs, all of the other captured footage got…misplaced.  We just weren’t equipped to do anything with it then, nor did we have a great plan about how and where to store it.  Fast forward to recent years, in which we have been making great strides to get conference content edited and available after the conference.  We wanted to start uncovering some of this old footage and releasing it, but we hit the brick wall of not being able to locate the important video files themselves.

I seriously shed tears over the fact that I could not make this happen.

Then about a week and a half ago, a miracle occurred. I got a phone call from my predecessor.  He found the footage.  I rejoiced and then decided to keep the whole thing a secret.  Within a few days, I had the video file downloaded to my computer.  Then late Tuesday night, I had the powerpoint file downloaded, and I busily worked late into the night connecting the video with the slides until I couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I skipped out on lunch today (Wednesday) with the rest of the NCECA board to finish it.  Tonight, as I type this, I am uploading the final version (and I hope it doesn’t have any errors) of the 2011 NCECA Conference Closing Lecture.

Note: because of spotty & slow hotel wifi, it took TWO days to get this uploaded, so, instead of #throwbackthursday….

…Today for #flashbackfriday I am thrilled to be able to give you (drumroll please)

the remarkable Robin Hopper: