Hello Teachers, Mentors and Artists,

The anticipation of NCECA is starting to close in around us. For some of us adept conference goer, we know the experience as a time to relax, scramble to get to everything, catch up with friends and see great art in a new city that openly welcomes our ceramics community to their front door. It’s like Christmas in March!

For some students, these feeling are secondary. Their great anticipation is the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with a ceramic artist they wouldn’t normally have the capacity to formally talk to. This experience can change the life of a young ceramics artist still trying to find their voice.

Please consider participating: Student Critiques will happen on Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th from 9am until 4:30pm in Room 310 at the David L. Lawrence Conference Center.

It’s easy to become an unforgettable presence in the life of a young student, and it only take a Half Hour.
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Please contact Student Director at Large (Brandon Schnur) For any questions or concerns: Brandonschnurnceca@gmail.com