Does the thought of creating a dynamic and site-specific installation thrill you? Are you interested in pushing the boundaries of process, material, and interactivity with your ceramic practice? Are you hankering to create cutting edge, performative work, or perhaps to explore the fragile and ephemeral nature of time? If you said yes to any of these questions, NCECA Projects Space is your venue. With just under a month until the October 2 deadline, there is plenty of time to polish your application materials for the 2014 NCECA Conference in Milwaukee. Projects Space is an opportunity to approach clay in new and surprising ways.

As a past participant, enthusiastic audience member, and now the 2014 P.S. Coordinator, I value Projects Space for the vitality and unpredictability it brings to the conference. The prolonged presence of both the artist and the audience in the art space allows for a communal interrogation of the work—a shared opportunity to ‘pull back the curtain.’ Watching the installations unfold over several days, while connections are forged and frayed between maker and observer, process and interaction, labor and value, is a beautiful and exciting adventure.

This year’s conference theme, ‘Material World’, is ripe with possibilities. While this theme intimates our collective fascination with a material, clay, it also allows for a divergent exploration of the multivalent threads of history, culture, experience, object, image, and meaning. Projects Space offers a fluid and interactive space for this exploration, one that is a synergistic embodiment of the NCECA spirit. Projects Space is not just an exhibition—it is an experience!

Are you ready to become part of the Projects Space experience? Click here for Details, information, and application guidelines.

Interested in learning more?  View the videos below to watch footage and interviews from last years Projects Space in Houston!


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