If you have been to NCECA,  you might recall visiting the Exhibitor Hall and running into some artists with their arms elbow deep in clay.  This, among other things, is Project Space.  If you have been working on something in your studio that does not quite fit in a gallery setting or a theatre or in any traditional space at all, Project Space might be the right place for you.

NCECA’s Projects Space is a platform for ceramic artists to create and present works during the annual conference that incorporate clay as medium in time-based, performative, relational or site-responsive work.  Up to three projects will be selected to take place in spaces created in a publicly accessible area the in the Portland Convention Center adjacent to Gallery EXPO and the Commercial and Non-profit Resource Hall. Artists will create (or present or peform) their works on-site interacting with visitors from Tuesday evening through Friday afternoon of the conference.

Successful proposals will be those that engage with the concept of NCECA 2017’s conference theme, Future Flux, using the medium of clay as a central focus, and also with materials, processes, and audience in unique and unconventional ways. Artists should keep in mind that Projects Space is staged at the heart of the NCECA Conference, and works are meant to occur, grow and change throughout the duration of the conference.

As always, we are looking for something exciting. Something interactive or engaging. Something meaningful. Something that will open our eyes to a new way of engaging with clay. If this is something you are working on, we want to see your proposal!

Apply now – the deadline is June 15th!