For the 47th annual meeting of NCECA in Houston, Texas we had our first ever process room.  This new thread in the NCECA program allowed quick 30 minute demonstrations of techniques/processes in a setting that was physically much closer to the audience.  Being a new part of the program, my concerns ranged from empty rooms to rooms packed so full that people couldn’t see.  If you visited the process room in Houston, you already know that it was the latter.  In our second year, we have planned the following improvements for the process room:

  • The demonstrators will be on a raised stage, with seating at about 150 degrees around the presenter
  • There will be a sound system in the room
  • There will be a camera on the demonstrator’s hands with a screen for viewing
  • We are trying to find a way to make the video available

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One of the things we will not change, because we think the value of this venue is something quick that you can take home with you to try, is the time frame. Last year, topics included the following:

  • Nerikomi Slabs for Casting Press Molds
  • Alternative Clay Surfacing Techniques
  • Gold Leaf Techniques
  • Balloons and Pantyhose: Great Props (using balloons and panty hose as a third hand)

What will the topics be this year?  You tell us!  Do you have a process or technique that you can share in 30 minutes?  NCECA’s On-Site Conference Liaison, Paul Sacaridiz, and I will curate this series of 20 to 30 minute artist-led demonstrations and presentations of ceramic techniques and processes. One of NCECA’s goals will be to highlight makers from the greater Wisconsin region including those from neighboring states.  If you are an artist interested in presenting your work in this context, “>Send me your ideas now!  “>