The world of fine art services/art handling is the behind-the-scenes part of the installation, crating and transporting of works of art that most people, even artists, rarely experience.  The people who work in the fine art services can range from part-time gallery assistants that install works for a gallery with little or no formal training to full-time professionals that are trained to museum standards in the handling of fine works of art.  How can ceramic artists move to a more professional level of art packing/handling of their works?  We can begin by gaining an understanding what a work of art deals with while being transported between locations for exhibition, storage, or sale.   Learn more in the 2015 NCECA Journal on pages 84-85, or listen to the presentation from the 2015 conference right here with moderator Mike Rand and panelists Noah Hylek & Jill Foote-Hutton.

Special thanks to Paul Lyzun for editing the audio and video tracks!

Mike Rand is a Ceramic/Mixed Media artist from Carbondale, CO.  He has worked with ceramics his entire life, primarily in sculptural wood fired ceramics; he is collected and exhibited nationally. Mike is museum standard strained in fine arts installation, packaging, and crating.  His company, Hnaging Lake Fine Art, in Glenwood Springs, CO  provides services for Western Colorado.

Noah Hyleck is an artist living in Brooklyn NY.  The past ten years he has supported his draing and painting by working in the art industry as a freelance installer, packer and driver.  Currently, he is building and packing crates for Workshop Fine Art

From 2010-14, Jill Foote-Hutton was the Curator of Exhibitions at Red Lodge Clay Center.  She coordinated a large commercial gallery and presented twelve annual exhibitions.  Now she is engulfed in a world called Whistlepig Studio, crafting narratives and creatures to populate them, chronicling contemporary craft and facilitating interactive creative experiences.