One of the concurrent independent exhibitions you will not want to miss is, Oxytocin; the collaborative installation by Katie Caron and Martha Russo that will be presented in the Pritzlaff building.

Based on Colorado, these two artists have produced work together on multiple occasions, with a spectacular piece included in the exhibition, Overthrown, at the Denver Art Museum in 2011.

As sculptors, their work calls into question our attachments; the physical bonds and the psychological boundaries that exit among individuals and groups.  Sculptural forms are tethered and clustered to one another and to the landscape they exit in, embodying emotion and the way in which it filters through and forges relationships.

2_oxytocin (Small)

Their collaborative contribution in Milwaukee will be included in the series of projects at the Pritzlaff building and will consist clusters of cast translucent porcelain and paper spheres, accented with pockets of kiln-fired steel and ceramic infused with metal wires and rods.

These compositions exist among a tangle of electrical wires that connects each piece to a power source, and also serves as a web of scaffolding that aggressively embraces each family of components. The forms and their respective positions in space evoke an explosion of cell division and mutation and can be thought of not only as a metaphor for internal systems within the body but actively questions our dependency on the objects and systems in the external world around us.

This will be a great show by two innovative artists, and definitely one to add to your list.