When I think back to my days in college, I don’t remember being aware that NCECA had a group of volunteer folks from the field that comprised a working group called the NCECA board. The idea of a governing group that works to plan and shape all that is NCECA was completely foreign to my young naïve mind. I knew SOMEONE made decisions but I never acknowledge that they were people just like me, and even back then, as a student, that I had the opportunity to have a voice in an organization that I was falling head over heels in love with. The NCECA board has two board positions to fill in the upcoming year.


One is a Director-at-Large position and the responsibilities include specific assigned duties as well as having a voice in broad conversations that impact our annual conference as well as the field. We’ve had incredible fortune these last few years with the likes of Sam Chung, Garth Johnson, Cindy Bracker and most recently Jane Shellenbarger at the table serving a three-year term as Director-at-large. Some of you may have noticed firsthand the impact that they’ve had on the Emerging Artists, International Residencies, Topical Discussions and NCECA Connections. Their perspectives have been both insightful and invaluable.


Well, here is a final notice to those of you looking to be more involved and connected. Nominations are currently being accepted for Director-at-Large and Student-Director-at-Large. Nominations close on October 8th, 2014 so move swiftly!







Director-at-Large shall be nominated and elected by the members to serve one three-year term and may not be re-elected to consecutive terms. The nominations committee will bring forward two candidates from member- or self-nominations for any Director–at-Large position that is about to become open. The Directors-at-Large shall have staggered terms as determined by the Board. Directors-at-Large shall serve as representatives of the membership at large and advocates for the Council. Directors-at-Large shall serve on or chair committees and oversee special projects for the Council as designated by the President or the Board. Directors-at-Large may initiate special projects subject to the talents of the individual with the approval of the Board. Directors-at-Large shall actively help to generate conference program proposals; shall be responsible for input into the Annual Conference program proposals and be responsible for input on and implementation of NCECA’s annual efforts and Conference through at least one of the following roles: coordinating NCECA Connections/ Topical Discussions programming, international residencies, Emerging Artists programs, and/or other special projects as assigned. Directors-at-Large may be responsible for providing information for NCECA publications.


Student Directors-at-Large shall be nominated and elected by the members annually to serve one two-year, non-renewable term that is staggered and overlaps one year. Student Directors-at-Large must be at least 21 years of age and enrolled as a full-time student for at least one complete year of the elected term at an accredited institution. Student Directors-at-Large shall serve as advocates for student concerns and shall coordinate student initiatives and programming. Student Directors-at-Large shall organize the NCECA National Student Juried Exhibition under the guidance of the Exhibitions Director. One of the two Student Directors-at-Large shall serve as a member of the committee charged with the selection of Regina Brown Undergraduate and NCECA Graduate Student Fellowships. Student Directors-at-Large shall assume committee responsibilities at the request of the President.


Nomination Process
The Nominator must be a current member of NCECA to put forth a nomination. Self-nominations are welcome. 

Nominations for Board Positions must include the following and will be submitted using NCECA’s online form process. Click here to go to nominations page for board positions.

ï       Nominee name and contact information

ï       Resume (2 page limit, upload as word doc or pdf, not to exceed 2MB)

ï       Short bio of the nominee (2 page limit, upload as word doc or pdf, not to exceed 2MB)

ï       Statement of Interest if Self Nominated or Statement of Qualifications if Nominating
(2 page limit, upload as word doc or pdf, not to exceed 2MB)

ï       Names and contact information for two current NCECA members who endorse the candidacy of this nominee. (Name, email, best phone, relation to applicant and number of years known)

ï       Nominator name and contact information – if peer nominated.

For questions about the Board Positions please contact:

Patsy Cox, Nominations Committee Chair

patsycoxnceca.@gmail.com 323-839-8103

For technical assistance contact kate@nceca.net or candice@nceca.net 303 828-2811 or 866 266-2322