NCECA is excited to announce a second international residency opportunity.  NCECA Members are eligible to apply to spend 4 weeks in Taiwan:

Welcome to Yingge Ceramics Museum!

3With Rich ceramics tradition and thriving ceramics business, we are eager to stimulate the public’s interest and attention in ceramics, promote Yingge ceramic enterprises and local image, and encourage international culture exchange. Furthermore, we survey, gather, preserve, and maintain Taiwanese ceramic culture for the purposes of research, collection, exhibitions, and education.

2The museum has dedicated itself to preserving the town’s cultural legacy while instilling new energy into the area. With such conviction, we’ve set up the residency program since 2009, encouraging ceramic artists, both local and global, to come experiencing the life in a pottery town through a short-term residency program.

This year, we’re really honored to have been chosen for the NCECA 2015 International Residency Program. In this program, we offer 4-week residency to the selected artists between April 2015 and March 2016. Approximate total cost for a 4-week residency is $5250.00. Yingge Ceramics Museum will provide up to $1500 in-kind support and NCECA has budgeted $3750.00; the selected artist is responsible for costs beyond the budgeted amount; materials, firing fees, miscellaneous expenses.

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Consideration for NCECA International Residency opportunities is open to all NCECA members.   To learn more about NCECA’s residency opportunities and for instructions on how to apply, please click here