Canadian filmmaker Marty Gross has generously created special one-hour programs for screening during recent conferences. He had recently shipped a hard drive to NCECA with a curated selection prepared for the Richmond conference. Until April 30, 2020, Marty is gifting all of us the opportunity to enjoy, learn from, and share his one-hour program of selections from the Archive here.

Many of us are feeling this period of social distancing with particularly acute impact. The cancellation of the 2020 conference, concerns about travel, and prohibitions on participatory gatherings has stolen chances to reconnect with old friends, mentors, and students. Many of us are also challenged with transforming aspects of the tactile art-form of ceramics, and struggling to convey the experience of embodied knowledge through online resources. We hope you find that access to this resource provides a valuable way to experience culturally authentic nuances of ceramic art and help us navigate these challenging times.

For more than 35 years, Marty Gross has been working on The Mingei Film Archive Project, to restore, enhance and preserve previously unearthed primary resources of this historically pivotal movement. The curated selection that Marty has prepared for NCECA incorporates descriptive details, background, and philosophical insights about the Mingei movement that further illuminate visual information. The poetry of human hands working responsively with material and cooperative labor of the ceramic process from clay processing through kiln firing throughout this footage make for an extraordinary hour of viewing.

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