As our upcoming 50th Anniversary Conference is upon us, so to is NCECA Board election season. This year, elections will be held just prior to the conference to fill vacant Board positions for a Director at Large and a Student Director at Large.

Embarking on our THIRD year with electronic voting, NCECA has yet again made a few changes to our online voting system. Responding to input from our members, these changes have been made to make voting easier, and will hopefully increase voter participation. Earlier this year, NCECA ran a trial run of using SurveyMonkey for membership voting when members were asked to vote on a bylaw change. Voter turnout went from 85 to 745 by using this new, simple system, and we are hoping even more members will vote in this upcoming election.

Voting opens on February 1, 2016, so in early February, all NCECA members should be on the lookout for an email from NCECA and SurveyMonkey that will contain a link to your ballot. Click your personalized link and cast you vote. It is that easy. Before you vote, please click here to learn more about each candidate, and to watch their short online videos.

We appreciate all member contributions to NCECA, and hope you will do your part this year by casting your vote. And, if you are interested in Board service, please find a current board member at the conference and introduce yourself. We would love to meet you, and get you more involved in NCECA beyond the conference! (Click here to see who is currently serving, and please say hello, and also check out the board bios section of the blog to get to know your directors even better!)

2016 voting requirements nitty-gritty

Increasing member participation in board elections has been a long-term goal for NCECA. To make our third e-ballot for new board members even more effective, here is what you need to know…

  • This year, NCECA is holding elections to fill two positions on its Board of Directors: Director at Large (DAL) and Student Director at Large (SDAL). To learn more about the DAL and SDAL positions, to watch brief candidate videos, see headshots, and to read our candidates bios, click here
  • The NCECA board, under advisement by the nominations committee, has approved two nominees for Director at Large. Additional candidates for Director at Large that were not selected as board nominees still have the option to stand for election. Candidates for Student Director at Large are not subject to board ratification, but must meet the requirements for student status.
  • Only current NCECA members can vote. Please verify your membership status before you make an effort to vote for 2016 candidates. NCECA memberships expire one year from the date on which they were purchased or last renewed. The primary contact of Business, Institutional and Gallery memberships will be the individual who is eligible to cast a vote on behalf of their entities.
  • Remember, membership is separate from conference fees, and only current members will have access to an e-ballot.                   Click here to become a member today
  • Elections will open February 1, 2016 and will be conducted via SurveyMonkey. All current members prior to January 29, 2016 will receive an evite to vote.  A second round of voting evites will be sent out after the close of Advanced Registration on March 1, 2016.
  • Please watch your email for our SurveyMonkey link to vote in early February. If you are a member, and do not receive an email link, or have any questions about this election, contact or to receive your evite to vote.
  • All votes must be cast via SurveyMonkey no later than 4pm, Friday, March 18, 2016. If you become an NCECA member while at conference, please see Candice at registration to get set up for voting at that time.
  • Election winners will be announced at the close of the second members’ business meeting on the final day of the Kansas City conference, Saturday, March 19, 2016.
  • Please note that the deadline for all self- and peer-nominations for board positions has passed. Nominations will no longer be accepted from the floor during the conference at the first members’ business meeting at the annual conference. If you missed the deadline this year, please consider running for a board position in 2017. We would love to have you join our team!