Earlier in the week, you learned about Topical Discussions, which are an opportunity for NCECA members to share their perspectives and skills with a wider audience. NCECA Connections are like their brother (or sister) from another mother. The main difference is that NCECA Connections are meant to rally members around a shared cause or interest. If you’re trying to recruit people for a project or help gather your tribe, this is the venue for you. This year’s Connections will occur on Friday from 5:00-6:oo in the ballrooms (along with room 102).

This year, you can chat with others about the balancing your clay life with the harsh realities of the outside world, swap (and talk) cups, reverse-engineer some course projects, learn how you can help the Peace Heard project reach their goal of 8000 life-sized sculptures and learn about the International Academy of Ceramics and their 2014 conference in Dublin. Why not wrap up your Friday at the conference by helping to build community?

Ballroom A: Life Outside of the Material By Marjorie Wade and Rhonda Willers
While we love the material of clay, life outside of this material can interrupt our relationship with it. Join us to discuss and share strategies for balancing studio time and life outside of clay.

Ballroom B: Let’s Talk Cups (swap) By Spring Montes
Everyone has used a cup. Chances are you have a favorite or two. Now it’s time to add to the collection with a good old fashioned cup swap. Let’s talk about what makes a great cup while you get know people who share your passion for cups. Make a few new friends and bring home a new cup.

Ballroom C: Reverse Engineering Projects By Lisa Truax
Bring your questions, challenges and successes to discuss classroom tools and techniques to engaging with a range of students with different experience levels and interests, with a special focus on beginning level courses.

Ballroom D: The Peace Heard Project By Geoffrey Nicastro
Come discuss how we transform The Peace Heard Project vision into a reality and how you can play a part. 8000 life sized sculptures from around the world. Each of a figure who has created regional peace, solved social problems, or innovator that improved humanity, through non-violent means. www.peaceheard.org.

102 A-C: IAC Informative Panel
The 46th General Assembly of the International Academy of Ceramics will be held in Dublin from from Sept. 8th-12th. The General Assembly will be held in the historic grounds of Dublin Castle and will include the IAC members exhibition and a number of international and national exhibitions of ceramics. The Assembly program has a number of
lecture series, seminars, film screenings and topical debates for all those passionate about ceramics. All are welcome for this informative discussion.