In an era of Do-it-Yourself mentality, Farm to Table politics and the Buy Local movement, there is a heighteded awareness around conscientious consumption.  Overseas manufacturing and imported goods have affected our economy, vitality of our communities and trends in the marketplace. Made in the USA” labels glean celebration as consumers exhibit quite activism (purchasing power) with their dollar.  People feel gratified through developing relationships with their local food purveyors and small businesses as they purchase directly form the source, supporting ethical business practices while simultaneously bolstering healthy communities.

-Kala Stein, panel moderators

The complete article from this popular panel at NCECA’s 50th conference in Kansas City can be found on page 60-62 of the NCECA Journal.  Below, you can enjoy the  complete presentation with artists Sunshine Cobb, Meredith Host and Kristen Kieffer and moderator Kala Stein, recorded live at the conference and uploaded to the WatchNCECA YouTube channel for the benefit of the field.  This presentation online is made possibly by your NCECA membership.  Not a member yet?  Join us!