Oh NCECA dance, how do I love thee? What other time to you get to kick off your inhibitions and dance with all of your clay pals? When else do you get to experience the inimitable dance moves of Nick Joerling? The NCECA dance has always been one of my favorite features of the conference, but as somebody with  eclectic musical taste, it was starting to feel like the selection of the dance band had gotten into kind of a rut. As much as I love the song “Mustang Sally”, I’ll be pretty happy if I never hear it at another NCECA dance.

I’m not going to have to worry about that this year. NCECA made a bold choice in tapping possibly the best dance band in the world for this year’s dance.

Brave Combo.


If you haven’t had the chance to experience Brave Combo yet, you’re in for a treat. They hail from Austin, and their shows are a cuisinart of salsa, meringue, rock, cumbia, conjunto, polka, zydeco, classical, cha cha, the blues and more. David Byrne even picked them as the dance band for his wedding… and that’s saying something. Be excited. Be very excited.

This year’s dance kicks off at 9:30 PM in the Grand Ballroom, and will continue through the wee hours of the morning. Be there.

Does anybody have special memories of the NCECA dance (that don’t involve streaking)?