As our organization continues to grow and expand, so too, does our need to stay in touch with all of those people.  In the last 5 years, the expansion of social media platforms has pushed NCECA to a new level of communication with its membership.  Each year, we have aimed to put together a group of people to help address these changes.

This year’s Communications Team will be the biggest and most diverse yet and I’m REALLY excited about it.  I’m looking for a good blend of experience levels for this team.  A variety of perspectives is always good.  Maybe some past NCECA board members want to stay involved with the organization, or some newer members are looking for a way to get more involved and make their own mark on the organization and the field.  Maybe there’s even someone or several someones out there who sees an area where NCECA is lacking…step up and fill the void that you see!

My goal is for your experience on the communications team to be tailored to your own life and availability, which again is where that diverse group comes in to the equation.  If you want to be involved, I’ll find you a way to get involved.  Volunteering for a non-profit organization should be its own reward.  Personally, I do a lot of work for NCECA.  Some people may even think I do too much.  They may be right, but I do it because I enjoy it so much, nobody is forcing me.  I just really freaking love NCECA.

So if you really love NCECA too, please join me in sharing that love, but always remember you are an EXTREMELY appreciated volunteer, not a paid employee, and your time is yours to control.  In general, Team Members should expect to spend around 13 or so hours total on NCECA communications during the course of the year.  For social media folk, this might be a minute or two here and there several times a week to instagram something, or approve membership in the facebook group, or pin something.  For writers and video editors, it is likely to be less frequent larger chunks of time.   More details and specifics on expectations for all of NCECA’s current communication platforms is on the official call page on the NCECA website.

What?  Oh, Glad you asked….it’s

To apply, read all the information, expectations, details and “fine print” on the NCECA website^ (seriously, read it.  there may be a quiz….ok, probably not, but read it anyway), then send an email stating your interest to, with subject line “communications team”, and included information about your experience and expectations of involvement.  Please include your own handles on applicable social media platforms.

This call for communications team members closes on May 15th, 2016. 

Those selected will be informed by May 30th, and their term will begin June 1. They shall serve through March 30th, 2017.