I’ll be honest up front, this is a REALLY difficult article to write, because there are just SO many awesome people to know at NCECA, and I can’t even pick my favourites because they’re kind of ALL my favourites.  First, if you haven’t already done so, read my previous article about the NCECA Name Badge, because it’s going to be a great help in saving yourself from an embarrasing moment.  Then, make sure you know the presenters, you can find pictures of all of them on the NCECA presenter profile pages, or in the NCECA App Speakers section.  Probably also a good idea to memorize the faces of the folks receiving awards and honors.  And maybe review the NCECA board and staff article I wrote a while back.  Of course, I also think you should know the NCECA Board candidates, and while you’re at it, vote!  When you’re done with that, there are a few more people that you should probably recognize or know about.  Mouse over the picture to see the names and a comment or two about them (Please note, this is FAR from a comprehensive list!)  And PLEASE if you remember nothing else, remember these wonderful words of wisdom that Ben Carter said to me last year.

“Don’t be afraid to approach your clay heroes”