The NCECA organization and conference is powered predominantly by a team of passionate people that we call volunteers.  This level of involvement can be both eye-opening and even life-altering.  Volunteering has so many benefits, ranging from seeing the conference from a real inside view to meeting some incredible people.  And of course, there’s also a free conference pass and one year membership in exchange for (approximately) 13 hours of work.   What kind of work you may ask?  There are a WIDE variety of opportunities:

For those who live in or near Kansas City and are familiar with the gallery scene, we are looking for some folks to accompany the bus tours and act as guides, answering questions about the area, the galleries, and making sure people find the art they seek.  It’s a fun opportunity to be an ambassador of the great host city for our 50th anniversary conference.

volunteer.001There are also a lot of opportunities to assist in the many demonstrations and hands-on rooms.  This can be anything from wedging clay for the demonstrating artists, prepping and cleaning up between process room sessions or helping out in the interactive K-12 room.

If you’re an expert in packing pots, you might consider helping out with the K12 exhibition.  Additional opportunities with this project include UNpacking as well as assisting with setting up the show.

FNc6atetV_IxpJVB440qxvCcKB3538aKnpXjKel7qV4,opWDYif9mRZqWlg4zsxjE6eKUJ46IYfs7yL1Yr701qsGot a passion for sales? The NCECA merchandise sales area is always hopping with activity and is a great place to spend some volunteer time.

One of the best ways to get your hours in and still see the conference is to arrive early in the city and work as a packet stuffer.  These folks report on Monday evening to start unpacking the pallet of materials for inclusion or arrive Tuesday morning to then compile the materials to be included in the  conference bags that attendees will get.

There are several more jobs for volunteers beyond what I’ve described here.  And this really is a great way to attend the conference for free and simultaneously give back to the organization.  For more information and to apply to be a volunteer,

visit this link