As I was thinking how to write about the benefits of being a member of NCECA, there were two quotes that came to mind:

“Membership has its privileges”


“I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.”

Think for a minute about which one describes you better.   I’d guess that the people reading this are more likely to ally themselves with the first statement.  It seems that it is inherent in clay people to have a generous spirit and also to be social.  When we all gather together each year, we have an amazing time together.  And as you look around the conference, it would seem that we are all NCECA members.  But you can actually register for the conference as a non-member.  Many people don’t realize this.  Here’s a quick flashback to last year’s post conference mailbag in which I explain membership.  Have a look:

So now that we understand HOW to be a member, let’s talk about WHY to be a member.  To me, the most important reason is that the membership fees collected are what enables NCECA to exist.  Sure, we apply for (and receive) grants, seek donations from benefactors and perform other fundraising activities, but it’s our base membership that creates the foundation upon which all else is built.  And it is both for the members and BY the members that we are able to create the year-round opportunities like international residencies, graduate and undergraduate fellowships, advocacy, on-line programming, videos, and more.  For you, the member, you get to be a part of all of what NCECA is.  But there’s more….

Money Talks

10687009_10205025314782500_6953185589573312949_n10671270_10205025321302663_6787828319908046550_nThis is the easy one  to explain.  Members get a discount…(usually 20%)  This applies to conference registration, merchandise in our online store, entry fees for NCECA shows, and more. Did you know it’s actually cheaper to buy a membership and register for the conference than to register as a non-member?  Membership is only $55 and NCECA also offers lower rates for student or even transitional members.


Members get a complementary copy of the annual journal, available at each conference.  If you do not attend the conference, simply contact the office to have yours mailed to you.

Connect Year Round

As an NCECA member, you have access to the online searchable member directory.  Plus You can update your own contact information any time you change your address, phone number email or web site. Your friends and colleagues will always know how to find you.

Network & Advertise your Events

individualsquare10485843_10205025321382665_3165516482796270627_nDid you know that being an NCECA member enables you to post information about your upcoming workshops, sales, openings or other newsworthy events on the NCECA website for public view?  I’m actually really excited about this.  Right now, we are testing a brand new way for members to share their information.   It’s called hootboard, and you can take a look at it here.  Maybe you want to create your own hootboard for your studio, gallery, business, or non-profit organization.  Soon, the NCECA hootboard will become part of the NCECA Blog, all NCECA members will be invited to join, and once you do, you’ll be able to post your own notices of openings, events, celebrations and so on!  Until then, you can still request to have an event posted on the NCECA website using the current method:

    Please email the event details to
    Venue name and link to your website
    City, State of Event
    Title of Event
    Important Dates
    Description of 40 words or less

Events for January and February are available to view here on the NCECA website


Only NCECA members can elect representatives to the NCECA board.  (You also must be a member to be eligible for a board position).  In case you missed it, the ballot for this year’s election has been delivered to each and every NCECA member!  Click here to read more about this year’s election!


Show more support!

If you want to enhance your support of NCECA, you can opt for a premium membership.   With that, you will get a few extra benefits:

  • Your “live linked” logo on the NCECA website. Logos of Premium Members will be displayed on the NCECA web site, grouped by category. All visitors to the NCECA website can go directly to your website by clicking your company name or logo from the NCECA site. Click Here to view the Partner Links page
  • Priority Event Registration
    NCECA will notify you first for events giving you priority event registration.
  • Hotel Block Advance notice
    Receive early alerts of hotel locations and availability.  (Conference hotels pretty much ALWAYS sell out)

corporatesquareNCECA also has memberships for various business, organizations & institutions.  I want to take a moment to draw your attention to these high-level supporters of NCECA.  Our highest level of support is the Corporate Member.  These entities pay $500 annually in support of NCECA, its members and its mission.  These are the businesses that we really hope you support for your ceramic needs.  NCECA relies heavily on the support of its corporate members not only for their membership, but for their support throughout the year, and often for additional in-kind support.  These are the companies who support you, we hope you will support them as well.  Look for the NCECA membership badge, or simply ask your favorite suppliers and manufacturers if they support NCECA and maintain a corporate membership.  If not, please ask them too!  If YOU are a potential corporate member and are interested in learning more, click the corporate member logo at the left!

institutionalsquare gallerysquareSimilar to our Corporate Members are our Gallery Members.  They pay $350 annually to maintain a gallery membership.  This membership level was created 4 years ago in response to the growing Gallery Expo.    We also offer a membership level designed for universities, institutions, and non-profit organizations.  Institutional members can support NCECA with a $250 annual membership fee.   Many of our Corporate, Gallery and Institutional members will be present at NCECA in the Resource Hall.  We encourage you to stop by their booth, table or gallery and thank them for their contribution to the organization and to the field.  And while you’re at it, thank yourself too!  And be sure to watch for all of those member benefits throughout the year!  For more information about becoming a member, visit the member pages of the NCECA website.