The last I checked – about 10 years ago – the entertainment industry had over 330 awards ceremonies every year. NCECA is somewhat more modest and circumspect in its awards.  We offer one short educational program each year that tries to raise up the best of the best. It gives the awardees an opportunity to discuss their contributions to our shared discipline.
Because we consider these awards so prestigious we will give no more than 2 awards in each category each year, (and sometimes no one from a category rises to the level of deserving an award).
Our awards consist of:
Honorary Members or those who have made significant life-long contributions to the field.

Fellows of the Council who are recognized for their service and contributions to NCECA.

Excellence in Teaching – which is self-explanatory I suppose, but honors those teachers at the end of their careers whose teaching has made a significant difference.

The Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes a unique contribution in the field during the year, or in recent years.

And the Regional Award of Excellence goes to people who have transformed the clay landscape in their region through consistent efforts over their lifetime.

Please attend this event and learn about the contributions of the awardees and support them in their moment to shine with NCECA.

AND REMEMBER – These are your awards as members! All of the names considered are brought forward by the membership for consideration, so if you think that someone is deserving please take the time to nominate them for consideration.

Join us this year in recognition of these members:
  • Honorary Award to Peter Held and Richard Notkin
  • Outstanding Achievement Award to Caroline Cheng
  • Excellence in Teaching Award to Mark Burns and Randy Johnston
  • Regional Award for Excellence to Candice Groot and Bruce Robbins