Hello Teachers! This blog post is for you! Keep reading, and find out more about how you can lend your teaching talents to next years NCECA programming…

Education is one of the most important facets of NCECA-the word is even in our name, after all! Sharing old methodologies, new technologies, and proven pathways to artistic success is a cornerstone of our annual conference, and can be experienced officially through our programming, as well as casually by the generous spirit of ceramic artists as we meet over drinks. With so much to learn about our challenging material of choice, who couldn’t benefit from the experience and expertise of someone who has already tried, failed, and then succeeded?

Teaching art at the K-12 level offers many unique challenges, and NCECA is calling on our most talented educators to submit programming proposals for our upcoming NCECA conference in Portland, OR.  The call for K-12 proposals on the NCECA website states that, “the purpose of NCECA’s K-12 programming room is to share, promote, and discuss ideas, techniques and practices for those involved or interested in K-12 education. Proposals may incorporate content and discussion on best practices, arts integration, curriculum or program design, and/or other contemporary issues in K-12 education”.

The call also reminds us to consider the 2017 Portland conference theme Future Flux. “As we pass beyond NCECA’s first fifty years, the interconnection of mind, materials, and transformation at the heart of ceramic process, art, and education can serve as trail heads to our future. Our creative work in the 21st century engages with hybrid practices, issues of diversity, notions of community, and dynamic change.”

As we tackle the many changes in our education system today, we ask you to share your successes with all of us as we strive to establish a generation of thoughtful, creative, independent thinkers. How do you challenge your students to exercise their own creativity in the classroom? What are ways that you foster deeper understanding of the world we live in? How have you engaged the outside community in the arts? What have you done to create authentic learning? If you have some thoughts on these concepts or others to share, please submit a programming proposal by May 4th. Our future artists are depending on you…

For more information on NCECA K-12 programming proposals and to view a full prospectus, please click here


Deadline: May 4, 2016, 11:59pm MST

NCECA seeks diverse presenters that will appeal to conference attendees involved in K-12 education for its 51st Annual Conference, Future Flux, which takes place in Portland, Oregon, March 22-25, 2017.