I have heard that firing to cone 6 takes half of the amount of fuel than firing to cone 10.  Does anyone out there have any evidence or research on this?  I know of several schools that have made the switch to cone 6 including the school that I work for.  We are always finding glazes that stand up to their counterparts at  cone 10.  I recently came across this extensive database of cone o6-10 glazes, and the majority of the glazes in this database are cone 6!  I have not tested any yet, but I wanted to share this link for the Sankey Glaze Database.  It is in a format that should import into any well designed database system.  Please comment on this post if you test any of these recipes and let us know your results or have any info/research on the benefits of firing at cone 6 rather than cone 10.

Sankey Glaze Database Click here