Apply to be Director-at-Large!

Russell Wrankle reflects on his experience…..


“At the time of applying to the board, I was on a steep professional learning curve. I was just getting comfortable with teaching and taking some risks in the classroom, I was learning the politics of academia and doing a lot of fundraising. It was a real growth time for me. So I thought I should pile on the discomfort and apply to the Board. My first NCECA was Minneapolis and I’ve been to many since. More than anything, it’s the relationships that I have developed over the years by attending NCECA that are the most meaningful. And the relationships are amplified as a board member. Working closely with the board I have learned so much about the inner working of NCECA and how much thought, consideration, and effort goes into making the organization one that serves a diverse population. The board cares deeply about NCECA and it’s nice that I could be a part of a board who actively put the organization above personal ego.


And as the DAL (Director-At-Large) over the Gallery Expo, I have had the opportunity to get to know the gallerists and their artists. The Expo has the potential to be overly competitive since there’s money involved, but everyone is so generous with each other. My view is that all boats rise with the tide and I’d say that the galleries agree. Many of these relationships with the galleries will last me a lifetime. I’m honored to know people that operate with such integrity. Maybe I have blinders on, but I truly believe most folks involved with NCECA have the greater good in mind. And I’m glad to be part of it.


One other thing, the collective intelligence of the board is awe inspiring. It’s been a challenge to keep up. Talk about discomfort, I’ve never been more pleasantly uncomfortable in my life. I’m glad to be going off the board, but I will also miss the hell out of it.”



For more information about the Director-at-Large positions visit the NCECA website Board Nominations Page

Deadline to apply, October 10. Questions about Board Nominations? please email