One of the highlights of the conference for me is the NCECA Gallery Expo, especially the Tuesday night Expo Reception.  I was first “born into NCECA” as a commercial exhibitor, spending my days in the Resource Hall, which never left much time for seeing Art.  I remember first seeing the Expo at the Louisville NCECA, and it was a beautiful sight to behold from my booth in the Big Convention Center.  Even back then, I thought it brought a warmth to the otherwise cold concrete structure.  When I was elected to the board as a Director at Large nearly 4 years ago, I was honored to be assigned the expo as my project to take over and grow.  This year, I am particularly pleased to be able to attend the reception and see the fruits of the labor of my successor, Dandee Pattee, who has done an absolutely MARVELOUS job over the past year.  Eight Galleries from across the nation will be displaying works of the top artists in our field.

PLUS, as an added bonus, the work of the 6 chosen NCECA Emerging Artists will be displayed nearby in their own area adjacent to the Expo.  The Emerging Artists are overseen by outgoing Director-At-Large, Sam Chung.  Over the past three years, Sam has truly elevated the experience of the Emerging Artists, with the help of a Grant from the Windgate Foundation.  I really will miss having him on the board next year.

I poked my head in to get a sneak peak at the galleries, working diligently to get everything set up for tonight. It’s going to look absolutely amazing.  I can barely wait.  I hope to see lots of people there!  Oh, and did I mention….there will also be a cash bar.  🙂