NCECA has updated its post on “First Actions” to reflect additional steps since the original posting.

NCECA is committed to addressing the structural racism that exists within the organization. Critical and creative insights from our communities provide essential contributions in order to transform in meaningful ways.

Deliberate reflection on NCECA’s bylaws and governance has been the focus of recent meetings. NCECA must address issues of diversity, equity, and accessibility within the board and staff and throughout programming, membership, and opportunities.

This will require more dialogue and actions. These are some initial steps NCECA is taking:

  1. Diversification of NCECA’s volunteer board of directors is a priority concern. A task force has been formed to research, develop, and institute two new voting board positions to guide policy, equity, governance, collaboration and engagement. These positions will be filled by BIPOC individuals and will play critical roles related to decision making and resource allocation.

  2. The position of Communications Director on NCECA’s Board of Directors is currently open and will be filled by a BIPOC individual. This role is influential in developing and implementing priorities and strategies to expand diverse representation across a range of platforms. The Communications Director’s position description is being evaluated and revised. We will share more information about this process via the blog.

  3. NCECA has created a paid position to curate and manage the organization’s social media. NCECA will ensure that the person filling this role is dedicated to expanding representation and elevating the voices of underrepresented artists and has demonstrated personal experience in this area. NCECA will engage in outreach to identify BIPOC individuals for this position.

  4. NCECA is creating a new staff position dedicated to mission-driven communications and marketing to advance diversity, accessibility, and equity.

  5. Financial resources are committed for board and staff training and ongoing development in cultural competency, implicit bias, diversity and equity.

  6. NCECA is working with an outside diversity and inclusion consultant to ensure that all the steps we take are consistent with the most updated best practices in this area.


This is a starting place. Unaddressed questions and concerns remain. Follow continued communications via the NCECA blog and social media forums. Comments are welcomed below in accordance with NCECA’s new comment policy. Please review that policy here.