A few weeks ago, Garth Johnson revealed NCECA’s brand new READING ROOM.  Well, that’s not the only new thing happening this year in Providence.  In addition to hearing the desire to discuss the latest tomes in ceramic art education, the NCECA Board also heard clamoring for current ceramics films.  The result?

drumroll, please…..

Join us for our first ever Film Night at NCECA! This year, we are pleased to present a double feature of documentaries! First, experience the 5 year journey of Lisa Orr and Wanda Montemayor as they lead 9 teachers, hundreds of students, community stakeholders, and members of several local nonprofit organizations in creating and building a ceramic mural at a historic Austin, TX swimming pool in Mosaic: The Deep Eddy Mural Project. Then, be charmed by the life and legacy of one of NCECA’s Founding Members, Warren MacKenzie, as producer Mark Lambert showcases the artistic process of this remarkable individual, providing a view into the creation of the art form, and imparting not only artistic value of pottery, but also its historical and cultural significance to society as a whole in Warren MacKenzie: A Potter’s Hands