A little reminder to everyone that is planning to apply for the fellowships NCECA offers, Project proposals are due Oct. 25 for both the Regina Brown Undergraduate Student Fellowship (up to 3 awards of $1,800 each are available) and the NCECA Graduate Student Fellowship (up to 3 awards of $2,000 each are available).

Two letters of recommendation are required with each application; we strongly suggest that you submit your proposal in a timely fashion to provide enough time for recommenders to complete the Confidential Letter of Recommendation Upload form by the Oct. 25 deadline.

Project abstracts and budget proposals are also time consuming and will require a lot of forethought, so make sure they have been well planned and have realistic goals.

We want all students to have an opportunity to further their careers as artist with the kind of funding they may not otherwise have access to. So, Make those proposals count!

Review the guidelines for more details.

NCECA Graduate Fellowship

Regina Brown Undergraduate Fellowship