As the 2014 NCECA conference started in Milwaukee, the news of Don Reitz’s passing on March 19 at his home in Clarkdale, Arizona, sent rippling shock waves throughout the audience and beyond.  He was 84 and throughout his six-decade career, he continued to push his artistic vision, inspiring generations of ceramic practitioners.  Don was a modern day folk legend and larger-than-life.  As a master ceramist, Don Reitz produced new and exciting work with his innovative and adaptable practice.

-Peter Held, from the 2015 NCECA Journal, page 12.

At the 2015 conference, Don was honored as one of our “Past Masters”  Peter Held spoke beautifully about Don’s life, art, & philosophy.  Below, you can view a video of the presentation.

Life is not a dress rehearsal; you only have one shot at it.

-Don Reitz, August 20, 2011