Demonstrating Artists are among the headline presenters at the annual NCECA conference. NCECA strives to present makers grappling with a range of formal, technical and conceptual concerns operating across the field. Typically, four Demonstrating Artists present at each conference. On Thursday and Friday of the conference two artists present concurrently on stage and a shift of presenters takes place from morning to afternoon.

Artist pairings provide a framework for presenters to participate in dialog about decision-making in the creative process in order to provide added insight into their underlying questions and concerns in regard to their work. NCECA video records Demonstrating Artists’ presentations during conference and subsequently disseminates documentation.


ChristiansonCooking OilCanPottery: The Art of Utility

by Linda Christianson

Using a treadle wheel in combination with hand building, Christianson will be making utilitarian pottery. Parts will be fabricated on the wheel to construct cooking oil containers, buckets, baking dishes, cups, plates, and other pots for daily use. Idea generation and development will be addressed through accompanying visual images.



Butterfly300dpi Snowman300dpiPainted Dirt

by Kristen Morgin

Morgin will demonstrate the particular techniques that she has used to make her unfired clay sculptures. She will show various techniques that she utilizes to build sculptures and create surfaces. She will show methods that she currently uses to make small scale objects such as toys, books and comics.

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Figure / Landscape

by Matt Wedel

This presentation will focus on hand building as well as glazing techniques employed in the artist’s studio.


The Infinite Cylinder 

by Gustavo Pérez

Throwing a cylinder: first exercise at school. After more than 40 years of making ceramics the cylinder is still the basic form from which I develop almost everything I make in clay. My demonstration will consist in showing the many different possibilities of investigating and playing with it. They are endless.


In developing the program, NCECA’s goal is to present Demonstrating Artists who embody diverse approaches to ceramic creation and the ability to engage conference attendees through their capacities as makers, communicators and thinkers. NCECA’s Board of Directors reviews all submissions to this call. As with other headline presentations the Board also reserves the right to invite artists working at high levels of accomplishment and visibility in the field.


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