Yes. We’re back. If you’re given five minutes to tell a ClayStory, what story would you tell? We want to hear you tell it live, on stage, at NCECA 2017! Please join your hosts Lee Burningham and me for ClayStories 3 in Portland!!!!!!

The 90 minute event is scheduled for 5:30pm on Friday, March 24, in the Portland Convention Center. A dozen or so potters will be given a maximum of 5 minutes to tell a clay story. The topic can be anything, so long as it is related to clay. Your story may be funny, it may be sad, it may be poignant. It may involve the fire department, a random encounter, an unlikely experience, etc, etc. Your story may be told in words, dance, song, mime,,,,,,Seems like any time two or more potters get together, interesting things can and do happen! Your age, gender, amount of experience with clay, etc. are irrelevant. It’s all about the story! You can augment your story with photographs that will be displayed on the big screen while you tell your story. We would like to have as diverse a lineup of storytellers as we can possibly assemble.

****In case you missed it last year, you can listen to the 2016 Clay Stories on the NCECA360 podcast, or simply CLICK HERE***

If you would like to be considered as a 2017 Clay Storyteller, submit a short synopsis of your story to me via email at Include your full name, email and phone#. I will send you a confirmation and be in touch. Questions? Send me an email.


I know that we are all super busy right now and don’t have much time for anything else. But, no worries – the deadline for entries is Feb. 17, 2017. We will announce the full lineup on March 5.


So put on your thinking cap and remember that time you,,,,,well, you get the idea.


Best wishes for a safe and rewarding journey through the busy weeks leading up to the New Year!



Steven Branfman and Lee Burningham