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Bill Strickland, founder of Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild reflects on his personal journey in ceramics and the enterprise of social transformation.

Citing the early influence of an art teacher, Strickland will discuss how his work in clay led him to develop a center for youth arts, jazz and job training in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that now serves as a model for programs in other communities. Through the National Center for Arts and Technology. Strickland’s work catalyzes communities, business leaders and policy makers to cooperate on environments of hope throughout the US and other countries.

William Strickland, President and CEO of Manchester Bidwell Corporation is a highly regarded speaker on social entrepreneurship, the roles of the arts and culture on community and economic development. Introduced to pottery during his teens, he went on to establish Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild in 1968. In 1996, he received the MacArthur “Genius” Award for leadership and ingenuity in the arts. Tapped by President Obama in December 2010 to serve on the White House Council for Community Solutions, Strickland was also presented with NCECA’s Outstanding Achievement Award in 2012. Strickland, his wife Rose and daughter Olivia, reside on the North Side of Pittsburgh.

This event is part of 92Ys Virtual Clay™ series: offering first of a kind, real-time online classes that gather a vibrant community of artists, designers and art historians to speak with you about important topics in ceramics. The conversations are meant to challenge preconceptions and explore new territory, inspiring you to think about the world in fresh and different ways … all of this in the comfort of your home, studio or classroom.

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