“If Willie Wonka is known for his chocolate factory, then Christopher Elbow has created a chocolate paradise. Elbow’s upscale confections have been described as “works of art” and Consumer Reports magazine ranked it among the best-tasting chocolate in the nation.”

-KCTV5 News Anchor, Brad Stephens

But not only is Elbow’s choclate some of the best-tasting, it’s also the best-looking, and for a group of artists, this is ideal chocolate.  His chocolates are tiny edible beautifully formed and/or decorated works of art.

Christopher Elbow’s main chocolate shop is located at 1819 McGee Street in Kansas City, MO (within walking distance from the convention center, and the walk will burn off the calories too!)  There’s also an ice cream shop off the Country Club Plaza and a chocolate store in San Francisco.  You can learn more and sign up for their mailing list to get 10% off purchases here on their website.

But wait, it gets better!!!!!  For those of you who like both chocolate and beer……

Boulevard Brewery and Christopher Elbow team up each year to produce their Chocolate Ale just before Valentine’s Day. It is sold on tap and in beer bottles. If you’re really lucky, there may still be some on tap in the KC area during NCECA!