2020 NCECA Emerging Artist Jurors Statement

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2020 jurors for NCECA emerging artist: Kevin Snipes, Julia Galloway, Sequoia Miller "How do you map a field? The six recipients of NCECA’s 2020 Emerging Artist award embody, in our eyes, the most compelling directions in contemporary studio ceramics. [...]

Greetings from Cincinnati Ohio!

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With hundreds of artists involved in working with clay in the region "the cradle of American Art Pottery, spearheaded by women" Cincinnati becomes a fitting place for the 55th Annual NCECA conference. We anticipate the return after 31 years to invigorate the [...]

Welcome New Board Members, thank you to those who are departing

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Welcome to the 2020 NCECA new board members! NCECA Board members volunteer their time and energy that directly impacts our community and our field. Some board members are appointed by the current board and others are voted onto the board [...]

Special THANK YOU to the Richmond VA Onsite Liaisons Kelly Kerr and Jeff Vick

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"The role of NCECA onsite conference liaison involves a journey filled with challenges and discoveries. Kelly Kerr and Jeff Vick undertook the many dimensions of this experience with humility, grace, and perseverance. Few if any of those called on to [...]

Welcome Pete Pinnell, 2020 President of the Board of NCECA

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The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) is pleased to announce Pete Pinnell, Professor of Art at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, as the president of the organization. Pete is a longtime contributor to the [...]

International Artist in Residence NCECA Partnership Awards

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Congratulations to the 2020 International Artist in Residence Christy Wittmer and Yeonsoo Kim. The purpose of NCECA is to promote and improve the ceramic arts through education, research and creative practice. One of the many ways that NCECA supports its [...]

Congratulations to the 2020 NCECA Emerging Artists

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Ling Chun, Ruth Easterbrook, Nurielle Stern, Stephanie Hanes, Yeonsoo Kim, Cathy Lu NCECA believes that those creating work offering new/exciting/thoughtful perspectives on the ceramic medium, expanding upon genres of creative production and inquiry are qualified as candidates for its Emerging [...]


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Hello everyone! Bummed there were no student critiques at NCECA this year? No Problem! Critiques are here! The Student Critique Room is now virtual! We are setting up online appointments between students and mentors to continue this influential programming. Students [...]

Burdens of History – 2020 NCECA Annual Exhibition

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"Today, more than 50 years removed from these early beginnings of studio ceramics, artists are reconsidering these origins and choosing to assert and affirm their voices as part of a wider discourse. Many approach ceramics history with a longer view, [...]

NCECA EXPO – ONLINE coming soon, don’t miss it!

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The NCECA Gallery Expo provides the opportunity to engage with the artwork of so many wonderful ceramic artists. We may not be able to gather and enjoy the objects and artists in person, but some participating artists will give [...]

Candidate Interviews: 2020 Director at Large and Student Director at Large

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The Director at Large (DAL) and the Student Director at Large (SDAL) are elected by and represent the NCECA membership on the NCECA Board. Usually the DAL and SDAL candidates meet with NCECA members face to face during the conference. [...]

Message from our NCECA President, Holly Hanessian

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Please view this message from NCECA president, Holly Hanessian. She discusses what is happening with NCECA right now and looking towards the future with patience, engagement (NCECA programming), and generosity. Holly [...]