We often say that NCECA is a “member-driven” organization.  We rely on input from our membership to make decisions about the direction of the organization.  The conference is one of our best opportunities to get feedback, whether that be from a member that stops by the NCECA booth to chat about an idea or concern, or at the annual members’ business meeting.  This is one of the best opportunities all year for the board and the membership to communicate face to face.  I’d like to personally invite each and every NCECA member to join us at the meeting, but even as much as I like to talk and as social as I am, with nearly 5,000 members, this blog post will have to suffice.  The membership meeting convenes on Thursday morning at 9:45am and should recess at 10:15.  We come out of recess to continue the meeting on Saturday at 11:45 (right after Cynthia Bringle’s closing lecture).

So, other than joining us in governance fun, why should you come to the members’ business meeting?

  • • FREE COFFEE at the Thursday morning meeting
  • • drawing for $100 gift certificate (MUST be present at Thursday morning portion of meeting to win it!)
  • • drawing for 2015 NCECA conference pass and year-long NCECA membership (approximately a $300 value…MUST be present at Saturday portion of meeting to win it!)
  • • Find out what crazy hat Lee Burningham wears as he gives the treasurer’s report on Thursday
  • • You won’t want to miss the first installment of “The Jay and Larry Show” on Saturday when they give the first preview of what’s in store for NCECA 2015: Lively Experiments in Providence on Saturday
  • • Did we mention the free coffee on Thursday morning?

So what do we do at the meetings?  The Agenda for the first meeting is:

  • Welcome. Call Meeting to order—Patsy Cox
  • Executive Director Report—Joshua Green
  • Report on E-Voting-Reminder about process—Glenda Taylor
  • Introduction of Board Candidates—Keith Williams (Information about all candidates has been posted here.  Members may use computer terminals in registration area to cast ballots as needed.  * Indicates Board-ratified candidates)
    • Secretary (2014-2017) renewable for up to one additional 3-year term
      • Jill Oberman*
      • Donna Rozman*
    • Director At Large (2014-2017)
      • Scott Lykens
      • Rebecca Harvey*
      • Jane Shellenbarger*
    • Student Director-at-Large (2014-2016)
      • Jennifer Chua
      • James (Alex) Ferrante
      • Eleanor Heimbaugh
  • Treasurer’s Report—Lee Burningham
  • Programs Director Report—Steve Hilton
  • Exhibitions Director Report—Linda Ganstrom
  • Communications Director Report —Cindy Bracker
  • Drawing for $100 gift certificate
  • Recess meeting—Patsy Cox

After the recess, we will reconvene the meeting following the fantastic Saturday morning programming with this agenda:

  • Welcome. Call Meeting to order—Patsy Cox
  • Announcement of Awards-International Residencies, Cups of Merit, Regina Brown Undergraduate Student Fellowships and Graduate Student Fellowships, NSJE—Steve Hilton
  • 49th Conference Presentation – Jay Lacouture and Larry Bush
  • Drawing for Registration and Membership for 2015 Conference
  • Farewell to outgoing Directors – Patsy Cox
  • Election results of Board of Directors—Glenda Taylor
  • 50th Conference Anniversary 2016—Deborah Bedwell
  • Closing remarks. Invitation to Open Board Meeting and Adjourn – Patsy Cox

As we adjourn the 2014 members’ business meeting, everyone will be invited to our open board meeting, where members are invited to participate, ask questions, and voice your opinions and concerns to your governing board.