Last week, NCECA Communications Director Cindy Bracker posted a brief overview of the current Board of Directors. As she pointed out, this group of dedicated volunteers, along with the NCECA staff, lends their talents to the oversight and execution of the many activities and programs of the Council.

Each year elections to fill vacant Board seats coincide with the annual conference.  This year is no different, and we encourage NCECA members to cast their vote and help shape the future of NCECA. Using our e-ballot is super easy, and we appreciate our members taking the time to participate.

In the past, each conference attendee had access to a paper ballot, and was required to attend the members meeting in order to cast their vote. Progressing with the changing times, last year marked the first year that NCECA adopted an electronic ballot.  Embarking on our second year of e-voting, our election season is upon us.

NCECA will make an announcement via its Facebook page when the e-ballot system becomes operational (on or about March 13th), and voting will end at 4pm Friday, March 27th, 2015. 

Voting is open to all who maintain a current NCECA membership. Remember, membership is separate from conference fees, and only current members will have access to an e-ballot. Click here to become a member today

It is easy to vote from home before the conference, but there will also be a few computer kiosks set up near registration for those who would like to cast their vote in Providence, during the conference. Members will need their NCECA id and password to login to vote.

2015 Board Candidates

This year, NCECA is holding elections to fill two positions on its Board of Directors: Director at Large (DAL) and Student Director at Large (SDAL). To learn more about the DAL and SDAL positions, to watch brief candidate videos, see headshots, and to read our candidates bios, click here

2015 voting requirements nitty-gritty

Increasing member participation in board elections has been a long-term goal for NCECA. To make our e-ballot for new board members even more effective, it is critical that members understand how the system has precipitated changes in nominations and elections procedures.

  • The NCECA board, under advisement by the nominations committee, has approved two nominees for Director at Large. Additional candidates for Director at Large that were not selected as board nominees still have the option to stand for election. Candidates for Student Director at Large are not subject to board ratification.
  • Only current NCECA members can vote. Please verify your membership status before you make an effort to vote for 2015 candidates. NCECA memberships expire one year from the date on which they were purchased or last renewed. Because NCECA’s 2015 conference is taking place one week later in the calendar that last year’s, memberships purchased or renewed at the time of the 2014 conference will not be active at the time of this year’s conference. If this sounds like it might be the case with your membership, NCECA urges you to renew your membership today. The primary contact of Business, Institutional and Gallery memberships will be the individual who is eligible to cast a vote on behalf of their entities.
  • Those who purchase membership renewals following March 6 and those who purchase a new a membership on-site in Providence will have the option to vote using a paper ballot during the conference in Providence. Paper ballots will not be made available to members that were eligible to cast electronic ballots but did not exercise the option to use it. E-ballot eligible members may use computers set up in the registration area of the Rhode Island Convention Center to cast e-ballots during the conference until 4pm Friday, March 27, 2015.
  • the e-ballot will be available on March 6th on the candidate page . Once you click the ballot link, you will be prompted to log in using your NCECA member ID and passwords. You may make one selection for each question on the ballot, then hit submit.
  • Election winners will be announced at the close of the second members’ business meeting on the final day of the conference, Saturday, March 28.
  • Please note that the deadline for all self- and peer-nominations for board positions was October 1, 2014. Nominations will no longer be accepted from the floor during the conference at the first members’ business meeting at the annual conference.