Don’t miss this new event….

As a vehicle to allow many members to share their work or projects with the masses, we are adopting the Pecha Kucha style format for the conference. Blinc 20/20 is twenty slides that advance every twenty seconds. So these descriptions will be just as succinct.

This BRAND NEW conference programming format will be an exciting way to hear and see information on a HUGE variety of topics, from student themes, to international ceramics.  Blinc 20:20 takes place on both Thursday and Friday afternoon from 3-5pm in 3501G/H  Scheduled to appear are:

Mary Callahan Baumstark

Craftivist Clay: Illustrated through diverse examples from contemporary makers will be socially engaged, political, and communal DIY ceramics. A third-wave feminism examined through activism and performance in contemporary ceramics.


Comfort and body maps:  Physical and emotional narratives of a new trans visibility delivered in a context of crafting and domestic maintenance via immersive installations. They document their cycles of trauma, shame, and hope that come with them establishing their identity of queerness.

Mary Fritz 

Prototyping Close-packed Hexagonal Modules. Creating sculptural and functional forms by capitalizing on nature’s model of minimal material but with maximum variability.

Karen Jean Smith

Explorations of a Nemesis:  Figurative and narrative sculpture about the invasion of a non-native aquatic species by marrying art with science to explore this ecological issue.

Antra Sinha 

Her work evolved like she did in life: A presentation on evolving your artistic concept to parallel developments and collaborations your life. Working to stretch the boundaries of the material and personal comfort zones with curiosity.

Evelyne Schoenmann

What you always wanted to know about straight legs: Learn key factors for success in creating ceramics objects with long, straight legs. Evelyne will share ways to support your work during the firing process.

Margaret Park Smith

Reflecting on the object-makers’ role in an increasingly digitized global marketplace:  A presentation on the collaborative artwork between Margaret and her husband Josh Smith that addresses contemporary issues of time and space compression. Making tangible the tension between the material world and the abstraction of digitalization.

Sydney Ewerth

Proof of Presence: Playfully inefficient objects attempt to define distance and construct a space for identity. The vibration of outlandish materials and eccentric color  explores time using light and paint to map shadows as an abstracted footprint as its proof of presence.

Edward Harkness 

Orbs at Rest. Ceramic sculptures that meld the organic form with geometric elements.

Young Shin Kim

  As Long as Giraffe: Explores, through a zoomorphic way, an extension of Korean Pottery Tradition of hollow-ringed pouring vessels.

Simon Levin & Denise Joyal

Ceramic Arts: Rounding Out Education: Ceramic arts education should explore more than just artistic concepts but become an integrated curriculum for the full “Liberal Arts” experience; celebrating human civilization through the collaborative environment that creates a community

Matt Kelleher

Contemplating Cone 3: As a continuous curiosity, pottery for Kelleher is a sculptural form that still celebrates utility. He achieves an atmospheric, veiled surface with poured slip and cone 3 firing.

Luke Sheets 

Expanding the Wood Fired Palette: Exploring low temperature wood fired ceramics through research and experimentation.

Alexandra Jelleberg & Bradley Klem

GrowlerFest 2015. Presenting the history and evolution of various types of growlers, including steel, glass and ceramic and how contemporary artists are making them for the craft beer revolution.

Priscilla Mouritzen

Keeping it Fresh: After 50 years of making pots discover how to maintain excitement and find inspiration from the process of repetition.

Rhonda Willers

Three in Four:

After having three children in four years , the artist had to re-evaluate her studio practice both in allotted time and an emotional reflection on priorities.

Ellen Kleckner

Productive Fallout: – How your studio practice can benefit from art residencies, travel and museum research with the lasting impact of material innovation and discovery of new techniques.

Qwist Joseph

When The Wind Stops: Exploring the common worries in the creative process that are intensified by the academic environment and learning to tame the frenzied energy and not allow it to impede creativity.

Joani Inglett

Southern Femininity: A new domestic ideal in tableware with layered and mono-printed, under-glazed surfaces depicting emotional ideas in each place setting.