The opening at the Bellevue Arts Museum this evening was packed with people by 6:30pm. Works of art from a variety of media ranging from clay to glass to fibers to paint was displayed across multiple galleries.


One of the highlights was the NCECA invitational, Push Play. At the entrance to the second floor, museum guests were greeted by Beth Cavener-Stichter’s large wolf sculpture vomiting a long string of pink ribbons, bows and lace. Linda Ganstrom, NCECA exhibitions director and co-curator of the show, was on hand to discuss the work “I’m so impressed with Beth because she’s really taken a risk. She is so known for her large animal sculptures, and for this show, she created this piece to represent her rejection of the ultra feminine stereotype. She worked with an artist named Lauren Turk for the textiles, then she really made that her own.”


Stefano Catalani, artistic director of the Bellevue Arts Center also said the collaboration with NCECA was a wonderful experience. Many of the artists were also at the opening to respond to questions about their work.

Personally, I was charmed by the giant sock puppet that greeted me on the ground floor.