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Keith J. Williams, Professor at Concordia University, St. Paul, has been an artist and educator since the late 70s. His MFA is from the University of Iowa, Iowa City with broad educational background including in depth studies in studio art, art education and art history. His artistic output ranges widely from functional pottery, to expressionist drawing to liturgical furniture. His most serious clay explorations employ saggar firing techniques. He is happily married. He enjoys dog and child ownership. He sings, plays jazz sax, makes bad puns and he golfs.

Gary Erickson – a Remembrance…

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Having now spent several days in Gary Erickson’s studio and apartment as I help the family in closing out Gary’s professional life I find myself immersed not only in his work, but also in my memories of his life. I [...]

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NCECA Awards: Honoring our exceptional members!

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The last I checked - about 10 years ago - the entertainment industry had over 330 awards ceremonies every year. NCECA is somewhat more modest and circumspect in its awards.  We offer one short educational program each year that tries [...]

Nominations are now open!

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Calling all members!  The nominations committee will soon be convening to discuss 2014 Fellows, honorees, awardees, & board nominations.  NCECA advanced the stature and quality of our field by recognizing select individuals for their service, teaching, creative achievement and/ or [...]

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