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Betsy Redelman is an American maker based out of Portland, Oregon and Oaxaca, Mexico. Her work explores the intersection between pedagogy, feminism, and utility; often employing clay, zines and film as storytelling devices in service of negotiating a space for local knowledge in academia. Betsy is currently pursuing her MFA in Craft Studies at Oregon College of Art and Craft. She holds a BA in International Studies from Loyola University Chicago (2013) and is a trained birth doula.

NCECA Portland Bus Tour Tickets– Get ‘Em While They’re Hot!

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Hey Clay Lovers! NCECA is right around the corner. We know you're already laying out your conference outfits and figuring out a game plan for how to be first in line at the cup sale this year-- BUT! There's another bandwagon [...]

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Greetings NCECA Pals! The NCECA Portland Team has been working hard to make our 2017 conference good and sustainable and we want you to go green with us! Check it out: Ideas for lessening your personal conference footprint this NCECA: 1) Take the [...]

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